I finally have a bit of time to update the site. Here’s a complete discography of all 6955 releases. Audio coming soon!

Points: New Series on Gamevideos.com

I just wanted to mention a project I’ve been working on for gamevideos.com called “Points.” If you liked the Nintendo Museum video, you’ll probably be into Points as well.  Head on over to http://points-tv.com to check out the first episode.

Live Show Aug. 25/07


I’ll be playing my first show since February in a couple weeks. The show is at Rockwest in Shibuya. I’ll be sharing the stage with Zero Charisma (of Team Doyobi fame) and old pal Duck Rock.

I’m pretty excited to play…some recent advances in technology are changing the 6955 “sound”, in a good way.

The all-night event is from 10pm to 5am. 2500yenz at the door, 2000yenz with a flyer, includes one drink. Leave a comment if you need a flyer.

EDIT: Added flyer pic, complete with messed-up billing as “6695.” Thanks.

Nintendo Museum on Gamevideos.com

I put together a little video about the Nintendo Museum in Osaka from last March. It’s up on gamevideos.com right now. Check it out here. The music is not available right now, but I’ll be putting something together in the near future….

6955 v3.0

I’ve decided to transform the site into a blog. I feel that it’s much more suitable for what I’d like this website to become: a catalog of the projects that pass through my hands.

I’m using wordpress. I like the format, the way it organizes information.

I’ll be pulling content over from my old site, and adding new stuff as it comes. For now, you can take a look at a bunch of the projects I’ve done over the last couple years.


North American Tour CDR
Released May 200669550026 Tour CDR

A CDR of 5 demos recorded during practice for this tour. Only sold at shows.


Holland Tour Split CDR w/ Kimonophonic
Released December 2005

An 8 track EP with 4 songs from each of us. My 4 songs are demos I recorded while practicing for the tour.

Not really the standard of quality Kimonophonic and I prefer. Sorry about that….


North American Tour 2006
May 2006

flyer pack

6 shows in the US and Canada, May 2006.

  • May 09 – Los Angeles, CA: Little Temple
  • May 12 – Pasadena, CA: Terrace Restaurant (w/Sixtoo)
  • May 13 – Los Angeles, CA: Gallery 1988, LA
  • May 16 – NYC, NY: Cake Shop
  • May 17 – Montreal, PQ: Pharmacie Esperanza (w/Sixtoo)
  • May 20 – Toronto, ON: The Old York (w/I am robot and proud)

Flyer Front

Flyer Back


Family VU Meter
Completed Feb. 2006

Family VU meter

Made for the “My FamiCase Exhibiton ’06” organzied by my good buddy Satoshi at Meteor. Be sure to check out other entries by PMKFA, Enami-san and Maeda-san of The King of Games, and manga superstar 2g. The VU meters actually work when hooked up to a sound source. I used Letraset lettering to label the cart, but I don’t have a picture of the final version… I’ve used this image on the flyers for the North American Tour 2006, and the Japan Tour 2006.


Dead + Dying E.P
Released 2006

This E.P. is a collection of some gameboy tracks I recorded in August ’06. Although I’ve retired from GB-based music, I have quite a few unreleasd tracks that i’d like to put out. The first in a series…

This box set includes a 8CM cd and 2 1.44MB floppy disks of audio files, a text file and a bitmap file. Hand-made, rubber-stamped, numbered boxes. Limited Edition of 30.