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Super Time Force OST by 6955 The Super Time Force OST is out! Bandcamp [Vinyl pre-order here!] Google Play iTunes Amazon Don’t forget to get the game! Xbox360 + XboxOne Steam [Coming soon!]

Super Time Force Demos EP by 6955 A couple more tracks to round out the STF Demos EP. Super Time Force hits yer XBOX360s and XBOX Ones on May 14, 2014. Soundtrack coming soon! Vinyl/digital/wtf

I contributed a new track to the latest free update to Pulse, a nice interactive music game for iPad by the team at Cipher Prime. The level for my track is pretty difficult. 🙂 Also included in the update is a track from Toronto pal Jim Guthrie, as well as tracks from Doomcloud and Leemus […]

Mp3s Up!

October 7th, 2007

I’ve added a few mp3s of background music I made for the Nintendo Museum video. You can download them from here. If you’re hip to the Bit Torrent, why not help save some bandwidth? 6955-Nintendo Museum EP.torrent